Multigenerational Lens Technology

The ChromaGen System is a unique and proprietary system of tinted lenses that can either be embodied in a contact lens or worn as eyeglasses or clip-ons. The ChromaGen Lenses address two main problems associated with vision.

If you are struggling with Reading Problems and/or Dyslexia, ChromaGen Lenses may be your answer. If you are prohibited from your job beacuse you are Color Blind, ChromaGen Lenses may be your answer. Click on the links to the right to learn more or find a ChromaGen doctor in your area.

Click on the condition that applies to you to learn more about how ChromaGen Lenses can help you.

1) A Treatment Option for Reading Problems & Dyslexia

2) A Solution for Color Blindness/Color Deficiency

1) New Treatment Option For Reading Problems

Who has Reading Problems?

Students: Approximately one in four students in the United States has a reading problem that is often related to a vision issue that has gone undiagnosed. Your eyes can be tested at 20/20 but you can still have a vision issue that a traditional prescription will not address. ChromaGen Vision is a company that specializes in identifying these specific vision issues that negatively impact learning. Vision related learning problems not only affect a student's ability to read and comprehend, they often result in struggles with math and poor handwriting.

Adults: Most people that have struggled with reading problems say, "I have adapted." The truth is that they do not actually "adapt", many just don't read very much anymore and if they do, they struggle with headaches, nausea and fatigue.

ChromaGen Lenses are a symptomatic treatment option employing eyeglasses and contact lenses. If you struggle with words that appear to move on the page in some way or you are sensitive to light, you will benefit from the ChromaGen technology and the symptoms of headaches, nausea and fatigue and the words moving on the page stop moving. LEARN MORE

2) A Solution For Color Blindness

Color Blindnss: The ability to distinguish color offers more employment opportunites in job categories where color distinction is mandatory.

After the appropriate ChromaGen Lenses are prescribed for each eye, an individual that was unable to pass a standard color deficiency test is now able to interpret and perceive colors in the correct fashion and experience the full range of the color spectrum. ChromaGen users who are color blind may now pass a standard color deficiency test and secure employment that they were prohibited from because they could not distinguish color. They can also experience the complete range of colors and see what they have been missing..

It is estimated that 6% of the world population (1 out of 8 men and 1 out of 200 women) have some form of color blindness or color vision deficiency that can be addressed by ChromaGen Lenses. ChromaGen inventor Dr. David Harris has concluded that over 97% of people who suffer from color vision deficiency or color blindness could benefit from ChromaGen.

The ChromaGen system will allow a person who is diagnosed as color blind, to fully experience a dramatic sunset or to see for the first time, the complete range of colors on a beautiful fall day. The other sector of this market is more practical and commercial which is to offer a corrective solution to someone who is prohibited from employment due to their color deficiency. Examples are a police officer, a fireman, an electrician, a train engineer, a telephone repairperson, a computer repairperson or anyone in the armed services who cannot obtain clearance for a certain job because they cannot distinguish colors and therefore cannot be approved for specific types of work. LEARN MORE

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